Bad Back from Bad Shoes

Are your shoes causing you to have back pain? Quite possibly! Wearing shoes that do not have proper support, such as high heels, flip flops or shoes that are worn out cause our gait pattern to be thrown off (the way we walk).

Chiropractic care can help you get your back, hips, and joints back in alignment but you will also want to assess the shoes you are wearing and consider inserts that will support your arch, heels, and ankles, plus avoid wearing certain shoes for a long period of time. Your chiropractor can make recommendations for proper fitting shoes, inserts or possibly a podiatrist after he evaluates your particular situation.

Shoes that do not support your feet properly cause a chain reaction up your body affecting the ankles up to the knees, then to the hips and back and leading to our entire posture being very poor. Stop by Shelby Family Chiropractic today and let our doctors help you start feeling better with an adjustment, as well as helping you with a plan for better feet health.