Sciatica Pain


Chiropractors often treat sciatica which is a pain often found in the buttocks and low back that travels down one or both legs.  Some symptoms by patients include pain described as dull, achy, pins and needles or even numbness. Sciatica is a symptom of some other type of disorder. Dr. Stubbs can diagnose the problem by looking at your medical history and conduct a physical and neurological examination.

Often the sciatic nerve can become irritated due to piriformis muscle being injured. This muscle is in the lower part of the spine and connects to the thighbone, helping the hips to rotate. Piriforsciatic-nerve-and-nerve-painmis syndrome, as it is called, can result from an injury, arthritis and possibly a difference in leg length. The result is cramping and spasms in the piriformis muscle which irritates or compresses on sciatica and nerve roots causing inflammation and pain.

Pregnancy and childbirth, sitting on a back pocket wallet, a herniated or bulging disc, lumbar (low back) spine being misaligned and constipation can be just a few of the causes that can lead to sciatica pain.  At Shelby Chiropractic we use moist heat, Interferential Current Therapy which helps to increase localized blood flow that can improve healing and stimulate local nerves, decompression therapy, and spinal adjustments. Dr. Stubbs will show you pain-relieving stretches, to do at home, that will help with the healing process.  Call for an appointment today at 205.663.5444