Specialty Treatments



The laser was invented in 1960 and the bio-stimulative properties of laser light were first discovered in 1967.  Therapy lasers have been used in Europe much longer than in the United States. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) first cleared therapy lasers in 2002, and Class IV lasers in 2003.   The adjustable power allows for a wide range of treatment protocols.  Laser therapy delivers a therapeutic dosage to a large volume of tissue in a shorter period of time.

The number of sessions will depend on the exact diagnosis, age and overall health status of the patient, and other factors. In general, acute conditions can be treated more frequently and require fewer visits, typically 4-6. Chronic conditions may require more visits, and do not need K-Laser treatment as frequently. The effects of K-Laser treatments are cumulative.  Patients may experience significant pain relief very quickly – it is important to follow through with care in order to benefit from the bio-stimulative properties of therapeutic laser light.

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