Text Neck

More and more, Chiropractors and medical professionals are seeing patients with some very real neck pain caused by a very real thing called Text Neck.  Looking down at mobile devices multiple times throughout the day or for long periods of time watching movies or videos can cause a strain on the neck. As you look down at your phone to text, up to 60 pounds of weight is placed on your neck and affects your spine as well.

Not only do patients experience neck pain, other symptoms include tightness in the shoulders and severe upper back muscle spasms.  Text Neck can lead to more serious conditions especially when the cervical nerves become pinched.  This condition left unchecked can lead to more pain and a high potential for neurological symptoms.  Some experience radiating numbness, tingling or pain down their arms and in their hands.  Along with these symptoms, many people experience mild to severe headaches.

Visit Shelby Family Chiropractic for an evaluation and treatment for your neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. Plus learn proactive ways, such as neck and shoulder stretches, to help eliminate the pain you are experiencing from Text Neck.